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The Child Passenger Safety Program

                      Our Mission Is To Prevent Childhood Injuries Due To Traffic Crashes

The National Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Certification Training program is a partnership between three (3) major national organizations: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which regularly updates the curriculum content; the National Child Passenger Safety Board, which oversees the quality and integrity of the training and certification requirements; and Safe Kids Worldwide, which is the certifying body responsible for administering all aspects of the certification.

Each year Wyoming, through the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) Highway Safety Behavioral Grants Program, applies for a federal occupant protection grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which carries requirements to host a statewide network of child restraint inspection stations with nationally certified child passenger safety technicians.


In January 2023, Wyoming had 219 certified technicians, with 14 of those being instructors. Instructors are those CPS technicians who complete extra requirements to be able to instruct in CPS certification classes. Wyoming’s current car seat misuse rate is 87.12% with goals to incrementally decrease this rate through expanding the network of certified technicians and instructors to educate the public concerning proper use and installation of child safety seats.

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