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Safe Kids Worldwide releases regular publications to keep policy makers, healthcare professionals, safety experts, the media and families up to date on the latest information to help prevent childhood injuries.

Fact Sheets

Our Fact Sheets are a compilation of research done by the CDC, WHO and other health-statistic gathering agencies. They help show the trends of injury and death in the risk areas we cover.


Browse our infographics to help simplify safety issues. It’s the perfect format for sharing with friends.


Read our monthly e-newsletter, An Ounce of Prevention, for some timely tips to help keep you and your family safe. Guaranteed to make you smile at least once. 

Research Reports

Research informs our programs and communication strategies. If you like the details, then browse our latest research reports to see what new information is available on preventable childhood injuries.

Safety Tip Sheets

Our Safety Tip Sheets are developed to help parents find the latest safety tips - to learn more about safety by age and risk area, go to our Safety Tips area.


From How To videos that will make you think to music parodies that will make you smile, Safe Kids is constantly creating new videos that educate as well as entertain parents, educators and safety professionals.

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